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"Oscar and his wife Shelly are a delight to work with. Oscar is always cheerful and accommodating. He is very knowledgeable and even made suggestions on the best products to use.


I called several times, after hours, expecting to leave a message on an answering machine. Instead, Shelly would answer the phone. They even rescheduled my toilet installation at a moment's notice, on a holiday weekend. I recently scheduled a painter to paint the bathroom on the Thursday and Friday before Labor Day™.

The toilet was to be installed the following Tuesday morning. The painter was done early Friday. I called Oscar at 12:30 on Friday afternoon and asked if he could come out and install the toilet that day.


He and his wife were getting ready to leave town for the Labor Day weekend, but Oscar said he'd see what we could do. A few minutes later, he was at my door and the toilet was installed that same afternoon. We still have another bathroom and a kitchen to remodel. You can be sure I'll be using Excellence Plumbing."

- Josie & Steve J.



"The project went smoothly and we were very happy with Oscar's work, punctuality, efficiency and personality. He told us how long it would take to start and begin each project and finished them within his estimated time frame.


I was particularly happy with the fact that he finished one project before starting on another, this ensured that we constantly had a functioning bathroom. I was also extremely happy that Oscar was able to do above and beyond his scope of work.

Once the built in cabinets were removed, the walls required some basic patching. Rather than have me call someone to do this, Oscar simply did this himself. The vanities were installed that day! We are also happy with the toilets that he recommended.


They use 1/3 of the water of the previous toilet and have double the flush power...Yes! Equally as important, we were very happy with Oscar's integrity...he stuck to the price/ work plan and finished the projects on time and within budget. I highly recommend them."

- David Z.



"Just a quick note to thank you for installing the new faucet. I just love it and its so nice being back to normal. I look forward to the laundry room project. Thanks again."

- Sharon R.



"They were very good, they were professional, he was very personable, I could not

find any problems with his work, he did the job for a reasonable amount of money and they did it within the time frame."

- Carol G.

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